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How the System Works

Paul synchronises two astrological cultures - East (Animal and Elements) and West.

12 Western Star Signs - Aries , Taurus , Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces
12 Chinese Animal Years - Monkey, Rooster, Dog, Pig, Rat, Ox, Tiger, Hare, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Goat
5 Elements - Metal, Water, Wood, Fire and Earth

This creates 720 characters (12x12x5 = 720). We then have to differentiate between men and women as we are programmed completely differently. This creates two separate banks of characters. 720 female and 720 male which totals 1440 characters.

This is where Paul Watson's 25 years of knowledge is applied:

Because to interpret those 1440 characters and to calculate the 2,073,600 compatibility combinations (1440x1440 = 2,073,000) that number of characters requires at least that amount of knowledge.

First of all you have to understand the dynamic between the western star signs:

Take for example: Taurus man/Scorpio woman - it's 0% compatible. It's a 24/7 war of wills. There is no give on either side.

Then you have to understand the dynamic between the Chinese Animals:

Take for example: The Pig and the Goat. It's 100% compatible. They have the same desires and ambitions in life. It's a very family orientated, romantic, loving union. They'll do everything together, they're inseparable.

Then you have to understand the dynamic between the elements:

Take for example the Metal and Wood. It's 0% compatible. The metal constantly cuts the wood down to size, metal undermines wood. Conversely, take Wood and Water, it's 100% compatible. Water supports and nourishes the wood element.

This knowledge allows Paul to calculate the compatibility and dynamic between any two people from 2,073,600 compatibility combinations.

Are you compatible in your relationships with friends and family? Try our compatibility calculator here.

Video Introduction to the System

Paul is able to use his knowledge to calculate the compatibility and dynamic between any two people from 2,073,600 possible compatibility combinations.


I have tested it out on my clients as an experiment and it is so accurate. So well done you on creating something so great.xxx. - Petula

Loving the new site Mr Watson. You're very very very good. - Clare

What a brilliant site! Have been doing the test with my friends, kids and anybody else fascinating who comes along every now and then. Really interesting and fun for this Aquarian Metal Pig :)!

Thanks for putting together a wonderful site that's easy to use!! - Belinda

Hi paul :)...it's about time someone like you came along, you're amazing, even though I've been single for far too long, I couldn't help finding out the compatibility of 2 exes who meant alot - results were fab. The one I thought was my soulmate was low and the other one i thought would be low was 85%!!, (I'm a Pisces Water Ox). Thank you so much. Can I please pass this on? :)) xxxxx - Molly

Absolutely brilliant..and so accurate! :) - Mitchell

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